Remote working, a new home lifestyle

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has forced millions of people to start in a very short time a new lifestyle working remotely. In our company we believe that physical and mental health come first, and that we need to help each other face this new time. Working from home is indeed possible, and we can be as much as productive as before, even more, with the right discipline and motivation.



  • Have a daily plan

Set a plan to accomplish each task you know must get done. Set daily and weekly goals, create task or project lists of things you want to achieve. This will make you more efficient and allow you to accomplish more in less time.

Respect your working times, this will help you to enter in a “work modality”. Another tip is to make an effort to dress up as if going to work, and don’t forget someone might video call you!

  • Minimize distractions

Many people who work from home might have, television on “in the background” or even worse, they keep their social media accounts open. Don’t give in to these temptations. You will find yourself distracted for a few moments and before you know it, hours have passed.

Having a family is the most beautiful gift, but certainly when it comes to working from our homes, this makes things a little complicated. Keep calm, and talk with your partner if you need support, try to organize for the kid’s distractions and home rules.

  • Have a designated work space

Have a dedicated place where you can set up your laptop, monitors, and focus without distractions, will make you more productive. You don’t need a full office setup; you just need to have a space where you are comfortable and can function at 100%. Remember, even though you are at home, you’re at work. Avoid working at the kitchen table or working from the couch.

Make an extra effort to verify that the light does not hit directly your screen, that your chair is comfortable, that you have ear plugs in case you need to concentrate.

  • Collaborate, network and build relationships

Make it a habit of speaking with at least two colleagues on your team by phone or organize a video call meeting once per week. It’s important to feel like I’m part of a team. Most of us are involved in many projects collaborating with cross-functional teams. With today’s technology, it’s easy to stay in touch, this means use video conferencing whenever possible, it just makes it more real.

Share your doubts, fear difficulties facing this new way of working. This will help you and your colleagues, who might be facing the same issues, to team up and find the best solution.

  • Take breaks

When working from home, it’s easy to forget to step away, but this is a must. It will help you recharge, energize, stay focused and keep your physical and mental sanity. Take time to get up, stretch, grab a healthy snack, or get something to drink.


Working from home requires you to be disciplined, to undertake a new lifestyle which can be challenging. Don’t forget that the work changes, but you don’t, so keep yourself motivated and focused because your Company and you both needed more than ever.

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