Fragrances trends for Hand Creams 2020

We have certainly all experienced what it means to continuously wash our hands during the day (and for 20 seconds at least!), or even worst, rubbing our hands with aggressive alcoholic solutions and cheap hand sanitizers while walking around the mall or having to enter different shops during the same afternoon. The skin of our hands ends up being dry, irritated, and for those with very sensitive skin, even painful.

Avoiding alcohol-bases sanitizers or cutting down on our hand washing habits is NOT an option. Health comes first, that is not up for discussion. But we can indeed help our hands face this tough moment by choosing hand creams that reinforce the natural skin barrier and maintain the Ph balance.


What is new on the market?

Personal Care companies have been launching new hand cream moisturizing formulas as “the antidote” to skin dryness helping to keep the skin barrier strong and healthy. A compromised skin is certainly more likely to become irritated, leaving room for subsequent infections, and premature skin aging.

Our hands in fact reveal our age much more readily than our complexions, because they lack the daily dose of serums, oils, moisturizers and masks that we use on our face.

Based on these facts, we notice that new hand creams are being presented on the market with added benefits for skin, nails and cuticle as part of a more complete hand care concept. Hand care is becoming an important health and wellness ritual, putting great emphasis in taking care of the hands, just as we would do for other more delicate parts of the body.


Which are the trendiest Hand Cream fragrances?

From the NPD launches that we have seen in the EMEA countries over the last 6 months, we can arrive to the conclusions that the main olfactive trends for Hand Creams are the following:

  1. Fruity & Gourmand notes: continue to be very popular, in particular Berry and Red fruit notes are trending the most. We continue to see a steady rise in the use of Banana notes, most notably in a creamy gourmand way. It’s a fun note that has been seen in many personal care products, from hair care, shower gel, perfumes to hand creams and sanitizers.
  2. Creamy & Nutty Notes: such as VanillaHoneyShea butter and Coco milk transmit nourishment and with their fluffy velvety creaminess are addictive. Also the use of oils such as Jojoba & Macadamia has been chosen by many hand cream manufactures wanting to promote deep skin hydration. These notes are also combined with floral or fruity notes to create more complex fragrances.
  3. Fresh Notes & Aromatherapy: Bergamot is combined with different ingredients to give an added freshness and clean feeling. The use of Green Tea, as well as Matcha Tea notes assure green fresh notes. Also, Aromatherapy or Botanic notes have been greatly used in hand crams to recall feelings of relaxation and wellbeing during the application.
  4. Super Foods notes: AvocadoHempPapaya Extract and Açai are just few of the trendiest Super Foods that are trending across different products categories in the beauty world industry during the last months. These notes are usually pure and delicate, recalling organic natural elements which bring benefits thanks to their high content of vitamins.


Which is the formulation for the “perfect” hand cream?

 These are some of the most significant improvements seen in the formulation of Hand Creams, which are now created to deeply nourish, leaving a silky skin, and very important a non-greasy feeling. Here we describe the “perfect” hand cream 2020:

  • perfectly meets the needs of the skin working as an SOS-balm for dry and damaged skin of the hands, intensively nourishing, deeply moisturizing, and quickly regenerating the skin.
  • suitable for dry to chapped hands, it is formulated with shea butter, beeswax, or glycerin, for their nourishing and repairing properties. The product should ideally provide hydration for continuous 24 hours.
  • the product is formulated to offer fast-absorbing care, protection, regeneration and moisture for busy hands and normal skin, leaving them feeling non-greasy, silky smooth.
  • dermatologically tested and clinically proven products claimed to slow down the skin ageing processes and protect form harmful UV filters. The plus is a product enriched with natural extracts to regenerate both nails and cuticles.


Let’s keep an eye on this promising product category, and ..don’t forget to choose the best hand cream for your precious hands!

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