Casa Seat
The power of senses


The power of senses

On the 20th of April, our CEO and Master Perfumer Toni Cabal visited Casa Seat in Barcelona to participate in an event organized by Spanish magazine Emprendedores.
With the theme “Luz, color y olor: el poder de los sentidos para diferenciarse”, a selection of entrepreneurs discussed the power of the senses in today´s challenging world.

Whether it is sight, sound, touch, taste or smell: our senses complement each other. When we create a fragrance, we always want consumers to feel a real connection to it. Since this connection is very difficult to describe, we often use descriptors from music, art, colours or flavours. They all trigger our emotions and bring back all sorts of memories.

A good example that demonstrates this is the creation of our fragrance “Embrace”, the signature scent for Casa Seat.

Our inspiration was to create a feeling of warmth when entering Casa Seat, located in the buzzing heart of Barcelona. This feeling of calm & serenity is usually evoked by nature, when you hear the wind whistling through the branches of pine trees or creating ripples in water. It also brings to mind colours like green, brown, white and blue. These images and colours we used in a mood board, when we presented this fragrance to Casa Seat. 

This fragrance creation evokes a sense of warm welcome when you enter and leaves you with invigorating energy when you leave.  

It was an inspiring event where entrepreneurs that represent the different senses shared their thoughts and experiences. Thank you Cristian Escribá, José Ruiz, Ramón Vives, Bea Sarrias, Elvira Conejero, Raimon Recoder and Juan Mellen. 

Thank you Isabel García and Alejandro Vesga from magazine Emprendedores for organizing this event. And a special thanks to our hosts Lidia Filgaira and Gabrielle Palma, who welcomed us into Casa Seat. 

In the following link you can read the article from Revista Emprendedores about this event