Aircare fragrances: trends 2020

Without air-fresheners and odour neutralizing products, workplaces and commercial restrooms would become noticeably smelly and unpleasant for both workers and customers, negatively affecting the mood. In fact, it’s undeniable that a perfumed home makes everyone feel like spending more time in the domestic space, enjoying the cosiness and clean freshness.


During harsh times as the current ones we are experiencing, people find in Aircare a small but very significant alley in making their work and personal spaces more delightful. Consumers search for aromatherapy solutions to boost wellbeing and for this same reason, they are increasingly scrutinizing ingredients and looking for more natural Aircare products that complement their lifestyle needs.


The Air Freshener & Care field covers a wide variety of different products, available in a number of growing forms, that are designed for emitting scent. Often designed for use in either a home, automobile or a similar space, air fresheners range from humorously shaped designs, ambient aromatic candles and even complex plug-in fragrance dispensers.


How is the pandemic affecting the Aircare trend?


  • Multipurpose & “All in One”

Due to the COVID19 outbreak the market has seen a growing trend for “All in One” air care products, which perfume, eliminate odours, and disinfect both surfaces and fabric. More and more people have chosen to buy these kinds of products due to the advantage of killing germs and bacteria, while leaving a pleasant long-lasting perfume. These disinfectant spray solutions are offering perfumes with fruity or floral fragrances in order to add value to the product exchanging the classic intense disinfectant scent. Clients feel both safe and relieved by the good involving smell.


  • Technological devices


Certainly, using plug-in fragrance dispensers which spray according to a pre-set timing, and without any “human interaction” is a smart way to keep the rooms smelling good, while avoiding people having to touch the same spray bottle. Some companies have launched a room-freshening device, which uses ink-jet technology and can be managed with a smartphone App. They affirm that the limit with most plug-ins, traditional air fresheners or candles is that they work in a small area, while, thanks to technology more air refreshers can be activated at the same time in different rooms. In a moment where social distance is very important, using these devices, especially in public spaces, can reduce the number of contacts.


  • Holistic fragrances


As consumers’ lifestyles and needs evolve, they are increasingly seeking solutions to help them cope with their emotional wellbeing in a natural and holistic way. Aromatherapy has a reputation for helping to prevent or postpone lifestyle-related conditions, such as stress, depression and dementia, while boosting brain power and working efficiency. Some companies offer special air fresheners just for the bedroom that are designed to encourage a more peaceful night’s sleep, while others offer fragrances that are more delicate, and specific for different moments of the day, or recommended for babies and kids wellness.


  • Fragrances for Pets


During quarantine times, a lot of people are spending more time close to their beloved pets. As the human population has grown, the number of pets has naturally increased as well. More than 72 million US households (about 58% of all households) have at least one pet in the home. Across numerous categories, brands have been extending ranges to appeal to pet owners, offering products to address specific challenges of pet ownership like keeping the home looking and smelling clean. While owners adore their pets, they are unhappy with the odors they may bring into the home, such as personal scents or tracking odor particles from a litterbox or the outdoors.


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